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Miner's Diner is an old time 50's style diner with a hometown feeling.


It all started in 1885 when the McDonald building was torn down.  In 1886 it was replaced with the first brick building in Julian. 100,000 bricks later, Levi & Co. had finished their building.  It was soon traded to Joseph Marks who ran it as a general mercantile store. Marks then leased it to R. Levi and J. Noah in 1890 and the store was named "Levi and Noah".  Noah bought out Levi's share and renamed it "Noah's Ark" soon after.  In 1906 however, Marks returned to the store and kept it running as a general store.  In 1921, Olan Blanc bought the store and leased it out to several different occupants.  This included Judsons' Rexall Drugstore, Cafe and Bakery, Landis Rexall Drugstore, Joe Edwards' Cafe and Pool Room and Bunchs' Maverick Cafe.


In 1933 Clay Tozer, a newcomer to Julian, purchased the store.  While he kept one half as a store and pharmacy, the other was used as Nida's Pine Cafe.  In 1970, Jim Alspach bought the store and kept it running the same way.  In 1975, the Scholnick family moved to Julian and purchased the store.  Herb was the pharmacist and his wife Jody kept it filled with gift items.  Twenty years later, Larry and Joah Arico took over when the Scholnick family retired.  They remodeled to change the pharmacy and gift shop to Miner's Diner and the Candy Mine.


In 2014, Fred and Misty Dornon bought Miner's Diner with the Candy Mine.  They have lived in Julian for more than 20 years and are patriots to our town.  They are continually improving the restaraunt to provide an excellent experience and helping to create memories similar to those created as a child.

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